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Back to my roots!

My girlfriend Sarah and I recently flew to Saskatchewan for my little sister’s wedding. Sarah had never been east of Edmonton, let alone in November, so needless to say this trip was a learning experience for her as much as it was a homecoming for me. See for yourself . . .

Sarah looking a little lost and more than a little cold!

Sarah wondering “where am I?” and “what the eff am I doing here?”

Then there’s me, looking right at home, in a field less than a kilometre from the homestead where I was raised!

Sarah thinks my tractor’s sexy…and I’m reminded of many long, tiresome days behind this very wheel!

After touring the family farm, we hit the dusty trail in search of some sightseeing. One of the first sights was a wildlife encounter with Sarah’s first ever moose about 200 yards into a canola stubble field.

It wouldn’t be the prairies and Central Saskatchewan without stopping to observe an oilfield pumpjack in action…what you see is what you get. Sarah is not overly impressed!

Little house on the prairie…Sarah was mildly fascinated with the old farmhouses still standing here, there and everywhere!

Meet Sam Luse, the namesake of the small town Luseland where I grew up and graduated high school!

About 40 minutes down the road, we arrived in Macklin, home of the World’s Largest Bunnock. Ever played Bones? It’s like bowling with much smaller bunnocks and it’s a big hit in this small town on August Long weekend every summer.

Next stop: Chauvin, Alberta, another bustling little community with this claim to fame: Suzie, the World’s Largest Softball…also known as an old septic tank or something of that sort.

And last but not least, as mentioned, there was a wedding to highlight this trip. Sarah and I pose together to commemorate our appearance at my sister’s special night, also held in Macklin. Sarah, a B.C. girl born-and-raised and a city girl through and through, was still smiling at the end of the week…what a trooper!

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